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Black Goat Fibers is a blend of science and sorcery, resulting in magical colors on bewitching yarn bases that are as delightful to look at as they are to work with.

Our yarn, dyed in small batches, is made with lace knitters in mind, a collection of tonal colors that are visually interesting without overshadowing intricate patterns. 

The Creatives

Ashtan, the witchy wonder herself, is a self-proclaimed Original with a capital Extra. 

She’s applied her eclectic sensibilities and unique style to all of her creative pursuits. 

A lace knitter from the start, Ashtan has spent the last seven years crafting an innumerable amount of shawls, many of which have been gifted to loved ones. 

As her passions for all things fiber arts related grew - and perhaps her cravings for an even more massive yarn collection - she succumbed to the temptations and began to explore dyeing yarn.